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Seraphim Play Therapy provides a range of services designed to help you and your child:


Individual Play Therapy

Individual play therapy is a one to one therapy facilitated by a play therapist in a playroom which is stocked with toys and materials. Sessions are of 50 minutes duration and take place on a weekly basis. The number of sessions required depends on the complexity of the presenting problems. It is usually a minimum of 6 -10 weeks.

  • An initial meeting takes place with the parents/guardians of the child and background information is gathered.

  • Individual sessions commence

  • Regular progress meetings take place with the parents/guardians where discussion of themes in the child's play takes place, together with advice on managing the child's behaviour.


Group Play Therapy

Group play therapy is recommended for children who are introverted, shy, withdrawn, over-pleasing, display low level aggression, and/or have difficulties with concentration, attention or social skills. Children benefit from the reciprocal encouragement of the group process. Group members learn new coping skills, problem-solving skills, self-awareness and alternative ways of self-expression. Children of a similar developmental stage are grouped together.


Parenting Consultation

Parents and carers have a consultation to:

  • discuss concerns regarding their child

  • discuss concerns regarding their parenting

  • determine what kind of support if any is required such as Play Therapy or Parenting support/courses

  • gain information, support and advice about child development and parenting issues


Parenting courses and Workshops

Seraphim Play Therapy runs 6 week Introduction and Advanced Parenting courses for individuals, carers, parents or small groups, covering the following topics:

  • Foundations for building positive relationships with our children

  • Reasons why children misbehave and using positive attention, encouragement and play time

  • Child Development – social and emotional

  • Active listening

  • Understanding and improving difficult behaviour

  • Play and Learning

  • Family dynamics

  • Childhood problems – for example; bullying, bed wetting, sleeping problems, speech and language, anxiety

  • Stress Management


Seraphim Play Therapy also offers parenting courses and one to one support for parents that may need support that is designed to meet their specific needs for example;


  • foster parents

  • adoptive parents

  • parents of children with special needs

  • expectant and/or first time parents

  • parents who have undergone or who are going through a stress or traumatic event in their lives


Parenting Workshops

One day or 3 hour workshops are designed to cover specific topics such as:



Building a Positive Relationship with your child through Play - Playful Parenting

First Time Parents - What to expect in the first two years, exploring values and expectations, relationship dynamics

Self Esteem - understanding self esteem and how we can help our children to feel confident 

Coping with stress



 Play Therapy Workshops

Helping Children with Anxiety

Wednesday 13th April 7-10pm
Celbridge, Co Kildare
Cost: 30 euros 
Worry and anxiety are very common problems but for some children anxiety can significantly impact on school, social life, ability to have fun, family life and their development, as well as potentially having long-term mental health implications. This is a short introductory workshop for parents, teachers, and those working with children. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of anxiety as well as strategies to help children cope with anxiety. The workshop will take place in Seraphim Play Therapy in Celbridge, Co Kildare. Those attending will have an opportunity to explore the play therapy room. This workshop will be followed up with a one day workshop on Helping Children With Anxiety at a later date.

1. Understand more about how anxiety impacts children
2. The stress response
3. Learn how to respond and help children to regulate their anxiety
4. How to Talk to children about anxiety
5. Learn and try out techniques/strategies to help children manage their anxiety


Introduction to Play Therapy (3hours)

Play is a child's natural medium to learn, communicate and explore their world. Play therapy is a mode of therapy that allows children to explore feelings and make sense of and recover from difficult life experiences in a safe and trusting environment.

We deliver a three hour Intorduction to Play Therapy workshop aimed at parents and practitioners who work directly with children and want to develop their understanding of the use of play therapy and its techniques.

The workshop presents an overview of the principles and practice of play therapy.

Teaching methods include didactic instruction, small and large group discussion, role play, demonstration play sessions and experiential exercises.

The workshop provides a rich learning experience in a safe and supportive environment

Play Therapy Skills (one day workshop)


The workshop will cover:


Engaging a child through play


Child Directed Play – tracking, reflecting and setting limits


Understanding Children's Emotions and Behaviour from a developmental perspective


Observing, Assessing and Interpreting – What can a child's play tell us about their world?


Regulation – understanding the role of the brain in regulating emotions, showing a child how to self soothe and cope with big feelings


Types of Therapeutic Interventions – creative ways to help children understand and express their feelings – through art, sensory/messy play, drawing, movement, creative visualisation, sand, therapeutic story telling, games and puppets.


Creating a calming box and potion making kit


Examples of methods and processes in play therapy


Essential play materials



Resourcing and supporting the self as well as the child


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